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While conservative treatment approaches are usually preferable, in some cases, surgery may be the best option for some women’s health problems. If you need to have gynecological surgery, the physicians at Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists, in Woodbury, Minnesota, includes experienced surgeons with exceptional skills. For the best in minimally invasive gynecological surgery, call Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

Surgical Treatments

What conditions might I need surgical treatments for?

Surgery can be a useful treatment for a variety of women’s health problems, including:

  • Heavy periods
  • Fibroids 
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Endometriosis
  • Cancer
  • Bladder conditions
  • Evaluation of infertility
  • Abnormal pap smears
  • Premalignant and malignant conditions

Depending on the procedure it may be performed at the Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists office, M Health Fairview Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury, Minnesota, or Woodbury Surgical Suites, an outpatient surgery center in Woodbury, Minnesota. Anesthesia will be available for comfort.

What types of surgical treatments are there?

Surgical treatments for women’s health problems include:


Colposcopy allows your gynecologist to look at your cervix using a magnifying device called a colposcope. You might need a colposcopy if your Pap smear came back showing abnormal cells. It’s also useful in diagnosing problems like genital warts on your cervix, inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis), and benign growths like polyps.

Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP)

LEEP is a procedure for removing abnormal cells from your cervix. It is performed under local anesthesia. It uses a thin wire loop that contains an electric current, which can incise tissue like a scalpel. You might need to undergo LEEP if you’ve had an abnormal Pap smear and a larger sample of tissue needs testing.


A hysteroscope is a thin telescopic tube that your gynecologist inserts into your uterus through the vagina. Once in position, the hysteroscope transmits pictures of your uterus onto a monitor to help in the diagnosis of uterine conditions.

It’s also possible to pass instruments into the hysteroscope to remove small fibroids or polyps.

Dilation and curettage (D&C)

A D&C is a procedure where your gynecologist dilates your cervix and inserts a thin instrument into your uterus. They can then remove tissue from the inside of your uterus to treat problems like abnormal bleeding, or after a miscarriage.

Endometrial ablation

Used for heavy menstrual flow and endometriosis, endometrial ablation using the Novasure™ and H7A (Hydro-Thermal Ablation) technologies cauterizes the lining of your uterus which makes it inactive.


A Laparoscopy allows your surgeon to view the inside of your body without making a large incision. Depending on the procedure your surgeon may insert surgical tools through very small incisions to perform the procedure.


A hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus. After a hysterectomy, you would no longer be able to have children, but for some conditions, removal of the uterus, and sometimes the fallopian tubes and ovaries as well, could be the only remaining option.

Do surgical treatments involve open surgery?

The physicians at Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists offers minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery whenever possible. Minimally invasive surgery has many advantages over traditional open surgery, including less pain and a faster recovery.

Laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) is a technique that makes use of a multi-instrument access port, so you only need one small incision rather than several as you would for most laparoscopic surgeries. In many cases, you can go home the same day you have your procedure.

If you want to know more about surgical treatments, call Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists today or book an appointment online.

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