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Menopause Specialist

Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists

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The years leading to menopause can be rife with uncomfortable symptoms, and as many as 75% of women experience hot flashes related to the transition. If you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms, count on Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists, in Woodbury, Minnesota, which has been in practice for 20 years. The physicians include board-certified OB/GYNs who offer effective care to relieve your symptoms and lower your risk for bone loss and chronic health conditions related to menopause. Call today or schedule a consultation online.


What is menopause?

Menopause is a natural stage of life. It’s defined as missing a period for 12 consecutive months and occurs at age 51 on average.

Menopause comes on gradually over time, starting in your late 30s and 40s in a phase called perimenopause. In this phase, the amount of estrogen in your body begins to decline, often causing a host of uncomfortable side effects, although this varies.

Menopause is an excellent time for a health checkup at Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists. They'll evaluate your symptoms and recommend appropriate screening tests and discuss options for treatment.

How can I tell if I am in menopause?

Initially, you may see changes in your periods. They may become more frequent, less frequent, lighter, or heavier, until they stop. 

As your estrogen levels decline in the years leading to menopause, you may experience a range of symptoms, including, but not limited to:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Mood swings 
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Brain fog
  • Trouble sleeping

It’s important to note that menopause is an individual experience. No two women experience the same symptoms. Some women don't suffer from menopausal symptoms, while others do.

What are the health risks of menopause?

The decline in your estrogen levels may increase your risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, among other conditions. You may lose bone more quickly in the initial years after menopause. This accelerated process of bone loss can increase your risk of osteoporosis, which makes you more susceptible to broken bones.

When should I see a physician for menopausal symptoms?

Visit your physician at Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists if you notice menopausal symptoms or if you have questions about the changes you've seen in your body or emotional state.

Your physician will discuss how a healthy, active lifestyle may smooth your transition to menopause, and may recommend vitamins or supplements to prevent bone loss. 

You and your physician may explore hormonal and nonhormonal therapies to help relieve menopause symptoms. Therapy is individualized based on your personal history, risk factors, and preferences.

The all-women practice of Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists is here to help you navigate this normal life change. Call the office to discuss your menopausal symptoms or book a consultation online.