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Stillbirth Specialist

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For parents who experience the tragedy of a stillbirth, the loss of their child can be a devastating blow. At times like these, it helps to be under the care of compassionate professionals like the physicians at Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists. At their office in Woodbury, Minnesota, you will receive the best care no matter which stage you’re at in your journey. Call today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.


What is stillbirth?

Stillbirth happens when you’ve been pregnant for 20 weeks or more, but the baby dies before birth. Miscarriage is the loss of a baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy. About 26,000 babies are born still in the United States each year. Stillbirth is devastating for parents. Parents are then often deeply concerned about their prospects of future pregnancies, but the average chances of successful pregnancy in the future are over 90%. 

The reason for the stillbirth can increase or decrease your likelihood of having a healthy baby if you want to try again, so finding out what caused the stillbirth could be helpful.

What causes stillbirth?

For about 50% of parents who experience the trauma of stillbirth, there are, unfortunately, no answers. Many seemingly healthy babies die in the uterus without there being any clear explanation of the reason.

Where a cause for stillbirth is identifiable, it may be due to:

Blood clotting disorders

A problem with maternal coagulation

Birth defects

Some birth defects are due to chromosomal abnormality, but not all are.

Umbilical cord issues

Umbilical cord problems can starve the fetus of oxygen before birth. A prolapsed umbilical cord is one that comes out of your vagina ahead of the baby and cuts off the oxygen supply. The cord can also knot itself around a leg or arm, or the baby's neck, cutting off blood flow and oxygen.

Placental problems 

The placenta feeds your baby in the uterus. Placental abruption occurs when the placenta comes away from the uterine wall too soon, depriving the fetus of the nutrition it needs.

Other conditions that sometimes cause stillbirth include:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
  • Severe lack of nutrition
  • Infections 
  • Exposure to pesticides
  • Carbon monoxide exposure
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

Your risk of stillbirth could also be higher if you have a personal or family history of blood-clotting conditions like thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, or pulmonary embolism.

Is it possible to prevent stillbirth? 

Preventing miscarriage is not always possible however we strive to educate our patients on simple things they can do to aid in the prevention of such a loss. 

  • Avoid comparing your pregnancy to others
  • Understand that baby’s movements DO NOT decrease with time
  • Monitor your baby’s movement pattern
  • Monitor your baby’s movement strength
  • Monitor your baby’s movement frequency
  • From 20 weeks settle to sleep on your side
  • Trust your intuition and call for any changes in the above

What happens if I have a stillbirth?

Every parent’s wishes are taken very seriously, and the Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists team of physicians does everything they can to ensure you get the practical and psychological support you need during such a difficult time.

After a stillbirth, every effort is made to find out the cause of your loss so you can take steps to prevent the same thing from happening again. During your postpartum visit, the following is done:

  • Lab work
  • Planning
  • Supportive care

Call Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists today to learn more about care for women who experience stillbirth, or book an appointment online.

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